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Dryad Potion

Dryad Potion
Dryad Potion
Requirements Countdown 5
Size 1
Effect Transform into Dryad for one turn (once per battle)
Upgraded Effect Transform into Dryad for one turn
Weakened Effect No effect


Dryad Potion is a piece of equipment in Dicey Dungeons that transforms the user into the Dryad. When upgraded, you can use it every turn. It is disabled if weakened.

This equipment is not affected by Fury or Re-Equip, so it carries over into the transformation.

Using this turns the user into the Dryad with their Reunion equipment, but the user will turn back after the turn or the fight ends.

The Dryad has this equipment:

When the player uses it, their Limit Break temporarily turns into Poison Arrow, which inflicts 2 Poison.

Although the Dryad is strong against Poison, this isn't likely to come into play because the transformation reverts at the end of the turn.

Drop Information

Does not generate naturally.

The Alchemist has a 1/4 chance to have this potion in her equipment.

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