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Crystallize (Reunion)

This article describes the effects of Crystallize in the Reunion DLC. For the crystals in the base game, check Crystallize.

Requirements Countdown 6
Size 2
Effect Create a random crystal weapon
Upgraded Effect Create a random (upgraded) crystal weapon
Weakened Effect Create a random (weakened) crystal weapon
Gadget Magic Six


Crystallize is a special piece of equipment in Dicey Dungeons that is mainly used by the enemy Crystalina. When used, it is replaced with a random crystal weapon.

In the Reunion episodes, each of the four Crystallize cards creates its own set of weapons. The first Crystallize creates these crystals, which mainly inflict statuses on the enemy:

The second Crystallize creates dice-manipulating crystals:

The third Crystallize includes more statuses:

The final Crystallize is always a crystal that intends to attack the player:

Drop Information

Does not drop naturally.

Crystalina has 4 copies of this equipment during Reunion episodes.

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