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Requirements Passive
Upgraded Requirements Two Matching Coins
Size 1
Effect Protection from bust (once per battle)
Upgraded Effect Autoroll immediately (once per battle)
Weakened Effect No effect


Collateral is a piece of equipment in Dicey Dungeons that stays in your equipment until you flip such that you exceed one of the CPU limits (heads or tails). Once that happens, it will error out and protect your other equipment from being lost.

After that happens, you can still flip coins and get Jackpots as long as the next coins you flip aren't the one that busted you. But if you flip a coin identical to the one that busted you, you can still error out the rest of your equipment.

When upgraded, it changes completely to flip your coins for you while guaranteeing a Jackpot like the vanilla Autoroll Limit Break once per battle, but you do need to insert two matching coins in order for it to do so.

This equipment avoids getting Shocked even when upgraded.

Drop Information

Robot: Reunion:

  • Has a chance to appear in shops on floor 3
  • Has a chance to appear in chests on floors 4 and 5
  • A Nest Egg may spawn instead of this item, in which case hatching the egg is required to spawn Collateral.

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