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Boots of Speed

Requirements Countdown 7
Size 2
Effect Equip Boots of Speed (once per battle)
Upgraded Effect Equip Boots of Speed (starts in your hand) (once per battle)
Weakened Effect No effect (once per battle)
Equipment? Add a Skipping Rope to your hand each turn


Boots of Speed is a piece of equipment in Dicey Dungeons. Once used, the Boots of Speed are equipped for the rest of the battle, which is a status which adds a Skipping Rope to your hand each turn, which allows you to draw a card with an odd dice. However, upgrading the Boots of Speed does not upgrade the Skipping Rope.

The effect is applied immediately: using this equipment automatically draws a Skipping Rope for you to use.

The effect stacks: you will draw two Skipping Ropes if you equip two Boots of Speed (the second one will become available once another card is used).

Drop Information

Jester: Reunion:

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