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Boom and Bust

Boom and Bust
Boom and Bust
Requirements None
Size 2
Upgraded Size 1
Effect Heads: Do 1 damage, Tails: +2 this turn (Reuseable)
Weakened Effect Heads: Do 0 damage, Tails: +1 this turn (Reuseable)


Boom and Bust is a piece of equipment in Dicey Dungeons that does damage with Heads, and does extra damage with Tails inserted.

For example, if 3 tails are inserted, each Heads coin will do 7 damage.


  • When weakened, it starts at 0 damage but still shows as doing 1 damage before any coins are inserted.
  • If used with Tails and Fury active, its damage still only goes up by 2 instead of 4.

Drop Information

Robot: Reunion:

  • Has a chance to appear in the trading post on floor 4
  • Has a chance to appear in the shop on floor 5

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