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Requirements Countdown 4
Size 1
Effect Return a useful dice (2 uses per turn)
Upgraded Effect Return a useful dice (3 uses per turn)
Weakened Effect Return a useful dice


Autotune is a piece of equipment in Dicey Dungeons that returns a random dice that will fit into another piece of equipment that you have.

It looks at all of the equipment, including the stolen card, and looks at its requirements.

If you have any equipment that requires specific dice, like Rocket Launch or Counterspell 5, it will prioritize giving a dice that will work on those pieces of equipment (if you have multiple equipment of that type, it will give one at random).

Otherwise, it will look at the equipment available (ignoring any equipment with multiple slots or countdowns), add the highest possible dice that can fit inside to a list of possible useful dice, and return one random value from that list.

If you have no other equipment (or just countdowns and equipment with two or more slots), Autotune will just return a random dice.


  • Autotune will not consider the dice requirements of items that are Shocked.

Drop Information

Thief: Reunion:

The Singer has this equipment during the Reunion DLC.

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