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Witch: Reunion

Witch: Reunion is the Reunion episode for the Witch.

Title Witch: Reunion
Character Witch
Description Fight against Lady Luck's favourite minion by solving the upcoming dice puzzles.

Basic Details

In this episode, there is only one enemy to fight: Madison, Lady Luck's favorite minion. She has 200 health and offers a wide variety of puzzles. In order to deal damage to Madison while avoiding any damage yourself, you need to Stun her by using all of the dice-manipulating equipment as well as the dice itself to inflict the status.

Each puzzle starts you with very specific dice and very specific equipment, all of which is designed to change the dice in your hand. Your only means of dealing damage is with Mastermind, a piece of equipment that deals 10 damage and requires a different specific dice each turn. Any leftover equipment or dice will not allow you to inflict Stun. You can retry a puzzle three times using the Retry button, but Madison's health is restored between retries.

The Witch's Limit Break is Skip, which allows her to try a different puzzle while restoring her retries. Madison's health is still restored between retries.

Leveling Up

The Witch gains no experience and cannot level up in this episode.

Level Max HP Dice Limit Break
1 3 ? 1 health



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