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Reunion Episodes

There are 6 episodes offered in the Reunion's Dungeons which can be played in any order.

In all episodes, all enemies' equipment is changed to new equipment.

The characters now show up in a different order than usual which is reflected in this list here:

Episode Description
Thief: Reunion As usual, you get to steal the enemy's equipment. Once you steal it, you keep it for the rest of the battle and take it with you.
Jester: Reunion You have one infinitely-reusable dice! But your card draw is now limited each turn.
Warrior: Reunion Reroll all dice with the touch of a button! Oh, and you also have one-time use workouts to perform cool actions this time.
Witch: Reunion Fight against Lady Luck's favourite minion by solving the upcoming dice puzzles.
Robot: Reunion Used to rolling dice to beat your enemies? Too bad, you'll only get coins instead. Flip dice to use in your new coin equipment!
Inventor: Reunion All of your equipment is reusable, but breaks after 3 uses. Once it breaks, it'll be replaced with random new equipment.

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