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List of references

This page contains a list of things that Dicey Dungeons has referenced throughout the game.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Britney Spears

  • The equipment Poison Paradise is a reference to the chorus of the song “Toxic”.

Card Games

  • Snap! is a reference to the card game called Snap, which involves yelling “Snap!” if consecutive cards are identical.

Cave Story

  • The equipment Polar Star is likely a reference to the weapon of the same name from Cave Story.

Chrono Trigger

  • The Frog is a reference to Frog, a knight and party member from Chrono Trigger who also wields a sword and a shield.

Deus Ex

  • The Dragon's Tooth is a reference to the Dragon's Tooth sword from Deus Ex (although its effect is similar to the Dragon Tooth from Dark Souls as well)

Dice Games

Dream Quest

Final Fantasy

Gunshow (Webcomic)

Kingdom Hearts

  • The Keyblade is likely a reference to the Keyblades from Kingdom Hearts.

Metal Gear

One-Punch Man


  • One piece of bear equipment Marmalade references Paddington Bear's love for marmalade.


  • The guest item Dazzler is a reference to the Dazzler ailment skill from Persona 5.


  • The Stereohead's name is very likely a visual reference to the band Radiohead, thanks to the fact that the Stereohead has a radio for a head.

Rhythm Doctor

  • According to Dee, the creator of the Steinway Axe, the weapon is a reference to Rhythm Doctor's level 4-3, named Steinway. The song requires tapping to the beat four times in a row throughout the song in order to pass.

Street Fighter

  • The workout Lightning Kick is a reference to the series of kicks used by Chun-Li.
  • The workout Shoryuken is a reference to the famous uppercut used by Ryu and Ken.

Dicey Dungeons references in other games


  • Lady Luck appears as an assist in Fraymakers, an indie game developed by McLeodGaming that had an early release on January 18, 2023.

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