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Swing Me Another 6

Swing Me Another 6 is an ordinary combat track. This track plays during all fights on floor 5.


  • v0.12?: May or may have not existed. Very similar to v0.13, but without the intro (skipped right to what would be 0:12 in v0.13)
  • v0.13: Raw chip.
  • v0.16: Softer percussion, kind of echoey effect added to everything. 6 seconds shorter than v0.13; this could be a tempo change, or some minor segment being cut out.
  • v[???] (early beta): Final version. Almost every segment extended by looping some of the riffs, e.g. intro extended to 0:30 by looping the riff from the first 5 seconds of v0.13. This was the earliest funk overhaul to appear in the beta versions; no other track would get an overhaul until Release candidate 4.
  • Bandcamp release: Higher volume.

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