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Step Right Up

Step Right Up is an ordinary combat track that plays during fights on floors 3 and 4.


  • v[???]: Raw chip. Upbeat and adventurous similar to the scrapped combat2 track.
  • v[???]: A special overworld version of this song was introduced. At the time, overworld tracks were all filtered versions of whatever combat track would play on this floor. This was the only track to be more than just a combat track thrown under a low-pass and high-pass filter. Very eerie and reminiscent of the past experimental overworld music.
  • v0.15: Similar to the first version but with some trancey breaks thrown in. None of these would make it to the final song.
  • Release candidate 4: Similar to the current version but a bit shorter, with much quieter bass at the beginning/end, and a non-trance bit from the previous version preserved ad verbum in the middle of the song.
  • Release candidate 6: Final version.
  • Bandcamp release: Bass is much quieter and more echoey. Percussion is present during the part in the middle of the song that has the bass again.


  • The bass in the beginning, the break in the middle, and the end of this track also appears in the calmer segments of Beginner's Luck.
  • The trumpet at 1:10 resembles the trumpet at the end of the medium and high-intensity portions of Fortune Favours the Bold.

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