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Prepare to Dice

Prepare to Dice is the music that plays on standard boss floors and when you are at low health. When at low health, it is internally categorized as SFX rather than music, meaning it will play even if you have the music volume turned to 0.


  • v0.14: First instance of dedicated low health music. Strange water-like sound for first two seconds, then bizarre and chaotic tinny noises sliding up and down in pitch, roughly synchronized. Ends with tinny noises sliding far up in pitch before fading back into water-like sound.
  • v[???]: Final version. Metronome plays over tinny noises similar to predecessor but much quieter, perhaps low-passed. Water-like sound is not present.
  • Bandcamp release: Entire song made louder. Low-pitch metronome tick is made quieter.


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