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Beginner's Luck

Beginner's Luck is a normal combat track and the third track in the Dicey Dungeons soundtrack. It plays during fights on the first and second floors.


  • v0.11: Tense and dark. Main riff makes it into the final track as a voice synth. Contains a flute-like instrument as part of the break that never makes it into later versions.
  • v0.17: Even more tense, everything is made higher pitch akin to the beta version of Bonus Round. About twice as long as the original.
  • Release candidate 4: Early product of the funk overhaul, contains cowbell that doesn't make it to the final version. Structure primarily based on the previous version. Does not yet contain the lower-pitch segments with chanting.
  • Release candidate 6: Final version. Extended but still keeps roughly the same structure as RC4, more repetitive compared to past versions. Scratch effect signifying the end of the loop is entirely new.
  • Bandcamp release: Higher volume.


  • The bass at the beginning of this track is also at the beginning of Step Right Up.
  • The high-pitch trumpets in the energetic parts of this song are also used in the middle of Elimination Round.

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