The songs found in Dicey Dungeons.

From the 7DRL submission to v0.8, all songs were hand-picked commercial midipop. v0.9 and v0.10 used public domain midis (including one by Yann van der Cruyssen, composer of the Blocks that Matter soundtrack).

Terry's pixelart and the midis both went away at the same time, v0.11, when Marlowe Dobbe and Chipzel were hired. Chipzel's early combat tracks were raw chiptunes exported more or less straight from LSDJ, and her early overworld tracks were unsettling ambient experiments much less rigid than the final tracks.

All overworld tracks in v0.16 were replaced with a 13-second loop similar to What You Could Have Won (Bestiary) but more upbeat. From there the overworld tracks were filled in one by one with their final versions. There are no proper early versions of the final overworld tracks.

New versions of combat tracks during a brief phase between v0.17 and early beta (and including v0.16 Step Right Up) were something like a blend between chiptune and traditional electronica. Against All Odds remains an homage to this period in the released version.

The funk style present in the final soundtrack appeared all at once in Release candidate 4 (excepting a handful of tracks such as Bonus Round), although many of the new versions were not quite final yet. For example, Tempting Fate lacked the “soothing” parts, and Step Right Up still had segments from the chiptune version more or less ad verbum in the middle. All music was finalized exactly at Release candidate 6 (two versions away from v1.0).

1.0 had a bug that caused What You Could Have Won (Bestiary) to never play, the bestiary music being The Ice Stage instead, as well as a bug that prevented Tempting Fate from ever playing. These were almost immediately fixed. The Dungeon also never played until shortly after 1.3 - until then, The Dark Forest played in floors with the dungeon backdrop in addition to the forest backdrop.

The Bandcamp album has all of the songs considerably louder, and also features miscellaneous tweaks on some tracks.


Early alpha MIDIs

Up until v0.10, the placeholder music for Dicey Dungeons consists of MIDI covers of pop music. Starting in v0.11, Dicey Dungeons instead uses its own music by Chipzel.

The MIDIs in the first two versions were converted to MP3 format through Terry's minimalist DAW Bosca Ceoil, but “it’s really hard to find midis that sound good when you do that, [due to Bosca Ceoil not handling pitch shifts,] so afterwards I just stuck to YouTube rips and flstudio’s defaults”.

v0.1 (7drl build)







The songs used in this build are selected entirely from prior builds:


The songs used in this build are selected entirely from prior builds:


The songs used in this build all have permissible Creative Commons licenses, either CC-BY or CC0.


The songs used in this build are the exact same as the ones used in v0.9.

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