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Run Away

Running Away is a secret technique that allows a fighter to leave a battle without defeating the other fighter.

If the enemy runs away, they leave the fight and the map without giving any experience or Gold.

If the player runs away, they leave the fight, but the enemy will still be on the map.

Running Manually

By clicking on the flag underneath the turn counter, you can attempt to flee. This immediately ends your turn and allows the enemy to take another turn. Once their turn ends (or if it's skipped by running away with the Extra Turn status), you will leave the fight (avoiding any start-of-turn effects like Poison).

This can be useful if you're facing an enemy who inflicts harmful status effects like Curse or Silence and want to come back with a better set of dice or a Limit Break.

During each episode, you can only flee after X turns have passed, where X is the number of times you've already fled from battle this episode. This means that at the start of each episode, you can immediately run on turn 1, but you'll have to survive each fight longer if you want to run from more fights.

Running Immediately

These ways allow a fighter to run immediately:


  • If the boss of the episode runs away (usually by somehow getting Run Away!), you will be unable to win the episode.

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