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Gadgets are the Inventor's main ability. These gadgets are tools that can be used without the need for dice to cause various effects on the player or the enemy.

After each combat in most episodes, the player is given a choice of one piece of equipment from at most three choices to be scrapped into a new gadget, while the old gadget is discarded. However, in Episode 5, the player has to choose between one piece of equipment and another piece of equipment that was equipped for the fight at random to be turned into a gadget.

In Episode 3, gadgets are not discarded after a fight, but each equipment that breaks creates a new gadget that can be used as soon as it is created.

Gadget Effect
Accelerate Reduce countdowns by 6
Arctic Storm Freeze a random amount
Barricade Shield +3
Battle Wrench Combine all dice
Bear Smash Do 10 damage
Blood Sip Drain 2 health
Blowtorch Do 3 fire damage
Broken Gadget No effect
Bubble Gun Do 1 damage
Burrower Inflict 3 weaken
Cackle Curse the enemy
Catapult Do 9 damage
Clone Device Duplicate all dice
Dial Up Sounds Inflict 5 weaken (once)
Dramatic Pause Curse the enemy
Efficiency Gain 1 re-equip
Ember Inflict 1 burn
Emetic Cures Poison
Firebomb Do 8 fire damage
Flash Freeze Do 4 ice damage
Flashbang Shocks enemy
Focus All dice become 6
Fury Double next action
Harvest Gain 1 gold (once)
Heat Ray Burn all dice
Hellfire Burn a random amount
Hook Reuse next equipment
Infinity Mirror +1 dice this fight
Jackhammer Shock 3 equipment
Jetpack Flee immediately
Lucky Shot Do 5 damage
Magic Dice Roll an extra dice
Magic Lockpick Split a random dice
Magic Six Roll a six
Magic Spanner Combine random dice
Megabump +1 to all dice
Megaflip Flip all dice upside down
Meganudge -1 to all dice
Mumble Inflict 1 weaken
Needle Gain 1 thorn
Oh No! Inflict shock, burn, and freeze
Overload Double status effects
Pea Gun Do 3 damage
Pillow Fort Reduce damage by 2
Plasma Gun Do 5 damage
Poison Arrow Inflict 2 poison
Power Up Gain a random blessing
Protection Reduce damage by 1
Quick Thinking Gain 1 dodge
Random Roll Reroll a random dice
Refrigerator Freeze 1 dice
Regenerate Heal 3 health
Replicate Copy a random dice
Reversal Swap all equipment
Scream Weaken a random amount
Shuriken Do 4 damage
Stardust Random status effect
Static Shock Do 3 shock damage
Steal Borrow equipment
Still Standing Gain survive, lose 6 health
Theremin Do 3 weaken damage
Throw Dice Do 1 damage by throwing a dice
Time Stop Take an extra turn (once)
Unlucky Roll Roll 4 extra 1s
Zap Inflict 1 shock

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