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Wheel of Fortune

SPOILER ALERT: This page contains spoilers for Dicey Dungeons' finale. Discretion is advised.

Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune
Requirements Require four 6s
Upgraded Requirements Require two 6s
Size 2
Effect Issue commandments
Weakened Effect Issue commandments, curse yourself
Gadget Time Stop


The Wheel of Fortune is a piece of special equipment in Dicey Dungeons. When this equipment is used by anyone, a random command will be issued on the player's next turn onwards and a random penalty will be given for disobeying the commands.

This effect ends after the second phase of the final Backstage fight is finished.

If this equipment is prevented from being used during the final fight, the fight will still transition into the next phase, but the commandments will not be issued. However, it is hard to prevent Wheel of Fortune as it is not affected by Curse.


  • Don't use (1s/2s/3s/4s/5s/6s)!
  • Don't use 4s or higher!
  • Don't use 3s or lower!
  • Don't use odd dice!
  • Don't use even dice!
  • Don't use equipment that has a (sword/ice/shock/fire/dice) symbol!
  • Don't reduce any countdowns!
  • Don't look at the enemy's equipment!
  • Don't switch fighters!


  • Next turn, Burn all dice
  • Next turn, Blind all dice
  • Next turn, lock 2 dice
  • Next turn, gain 99 Curses
  • Inflict 5 poison
  • End your turn immediately
  • Lose 5 health
  • Lose 10 health
  • Lose 999 health
  • Reduce health to 1
  • Enemy heals 10 health
  • Enemy gains Fury

Unlike other instances of “Lose x health” on equipment which ignore shields, the “Lose health” penalties caused by Wheel of Fortune will hit shields.

Drop Information

Does not generate naturally.

This equipment is only used by the boss of the final fight of the Backstage on the fourth turn of the fight.

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