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Requirements Even
Upgraded Requirements None
Weakened Requirements Require 6
Size 2
Effect Gain shield equal to your current Shield at the start of your next turn
Gadget Fury


Upkeep is a piece of equipment in Dicey Dungeons that grants the user a Jinx that adds shield equal to the amount of Shield they currently have at the start of their next turn. Since this appears in a Parallel Universe episode, it's designed to preserve Shield? since the Shield? can be removed by Battering Ram and the end-of-turn heal that Shield? gives.

The equipment description on the card is misleading since it implies that the shield added is based on the dice placed within, when it's actually equal to the amount of Shield.

Drop Information

Parallel Universe (Jester):

  • If the Battering Ram and 2x Front Line Level 2 reward pack is chosen, Upkeep will appear in the floor 2 shop for 3 gold.

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