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Requirements none
Effect Do [] damage
Upgraded Effect Do [] + 1 damage
Weakened Requirements Max 5
Gadget Plasma Gun


The Sword is the first card you will ever see when you play the game, and for good reason: it demonstrates the most simple concept of cards giving different results depending on what dice you use on them.

It is not a very good card - many other cards (such as Hammer, Venus Fly Trap, and Ultima Weapon/Buster Sword) do exactly what Sword does but with an added bonus, and the +1 upgrade is rather weak since Sword is not reusable.

Drop Information

The Warrior's Welcome, Elimination Round (Warrior), Not Just a Jester:

  • Starter equipment

Bonus Round (Warrior):

  • Possible starter equipment

Enter the Inventor, Double Rubble, The Inevitability of Rust, Elimination Round (Inventor):

  • 1/2 chance to generate in a chest on floor 1

Reunion: Warrior:

  • Starter equipment. Always selected as the item you'll give to Val at the trading post on floor 3.

Reunion: Inventor:

  • Has a chance to appear from large scrapped equipment

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