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Shield Bash

Shield Bash
Shield Bash
Requirements Doubles
Upgraded Requirements Even
Weakened Requirements Require two 6s
Size 1
Effect Bash with shield, do damage equal to your shield
Gadget Plasma Gun


Shield Bash is a piece of equipment in Dicey Dungeons that calculates the amount of Shield you have and deals damage equal to its value. It pairs well with equipment that can add Shield as well as that which can minimize enemy damage.

Drop Information

The Warrior's Welcome, Curse of Greed, Worse than a Curse, Elimination Round (Warrior):

  • Level 5 reward option

Bonus Round (Warrior):

  • Has a chance to be a Level 5 reward option

Jester's Journey, Elimination Round (Jester), Bonus Round (Jester):

  • Appears with 2 copies of Deflect as part of a possible Level 2 reward. When this reward is chosen:
    • Shield bash has a 33% chance to appear with 2 copies of Sweets in a boosterpack on floor 4

Not Just a Jester:

  • Level 5 reward option

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