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Ruby Weapon

Ruby Weapon
Ruby Weapon
Requirements Roll any 4 dice to activate, then use any dice
Upgraded Requirements Roll any 3 dice to activate, then use any dice
Size 1
Effect Do 2x[] damage
Weakened Effect Do [] damage
Gadget Catapult


The Ruby Weapon is a piece of equipment that does double damage once four dice are rolled (or 3 dice if upgraded).

When weakened, the amount of dice needed to activate does not change, unlike with Short Circuit. If weakened from its upgraded state it will still require 3 dice to be rolled, and if weakened from its normal state it will still require 4 dice to be rolled.


  • Prior to Version 1.8, this equipment required 3 dice to be rolled to activate, but didn't have an upgrade.

Drop Information

Has a 10% (1/10) chance to drop out of a Precious Egg.

You Choose, You Lose:

  • Level 3 reward option

Bonus Round (Robot):

  • If the Robot bonus round rule is active, this equipment is a Level 3 reward option.

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