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Rotten Egg

Rotten Egg
Rotten Egg
Requirements Require 6
Weakened Requirements Require double 6s
Size 1
Effect Contains a terrible item (Always offered as scrap)
Upgraded Effect Contents are even worse (Always offered as scrap)
Gadget Random Roll


The Rotten Egg is a piece of equipment that needs to be used 6 times to be hatched. It is always offered as scrap after defeating an enemy as the Inventor.

Upon placing a 6 in it, the equipment will require a 5. It will continue to ask for a lower dice each time a dice is placed until a 1 is placed. Once a 1 is placed, it will grant a terrible piece of equipment.

The Rotten Egg will only grant Plague.

The upgraded Rotten Egg+ will only grant Backfire+.

This equipment is not affected by Curse.

Receiving the equipment hatched will also complete the challenge “Hatch an egg.”

Drop Information

Parallel Universe (Inventor):

  • Has a 29.17% (7/24) chance to appear in a chest on floor 5

Bonus Round (Inventor):

  • Has a 14.29% (1/7) chance to appear in a chest on floor 5

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