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Precious Egg

Precious Egg
Precious Egg (6)
Requirements Require 6
Weakened Requirements Require double 6s
Size 1
Effect Contains a powerful item
Upgraded Size 2
Upgraded Effect Contains a bigger, powerful item


The Precious Egg is a piece of equipment that needs to be used 6 times to be hatched. This equipment is not affected by Curse.

Upon placing a 6 in it, the equipment will require a 5. It will continue to ask for a lower dice each time a dice is placed until a 1 is placed. Once a 1 is placed, it will grant a random piece of equipment.

The Precious Egg can give one of these:

The upgraded Precious Egg+ can give one of these:

Receiving the equipment hatched will also complete the challenge “Hatch an egg.”


  • Using a Weakened Precious Egg+ gives a non-upgraded Precious Egg (or if at 1, the items from the non-upgraded version of Precious Egg.)
  • If you fully hatch a weakened Precious Egg(+) and win on the turn you hatch it, you keep the Precious Egg (at the upgrade level and dice it required at the time it was weakened) and the item from the Precious Egg-.
  • The 6 from the Spare 6 is not usable on the turn it was hatched.

Drop Information

Parallel Universe (Robot):

  • Level 3 reward option

Bonus Round (Robot):

  • Has a 1/3 chance to be a Level 3 reward option

This equipment can also show up as a possible reward for the Robot upon reaching Level 3 in Bonus Round (Robot).

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