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Requirements two Max 3 dice
Weakened Requirements two Max 2 dice
Size 1
Effect Do [] damage (Reuseable)
Upgraded Effect Do [], return difference between dice (Reuseable)
Gadget Harvest


The Nunchucks are a piece of equipment in Dicey Dungeons. It deals damage using two dice at a time.

When upgraded, its effect also gives a dice equal to the difference between the two dice. For example, if a 1 and a 3 are placed within, it will give a 2. If the two dice are equal, no dice is returned.

Drop Information

Parallel Universe (Thief):

  • Starting equipment

Bonus Round (Thief):

  • Possible starting equipment
  • Has a chance to be a Level 5 reward option

Parallel Universe (Inventor):

  • Has a chance to appear in shops on floors 2, 3, and 4

Bonus Round (Inventor):

  • Has a chance to appear in shops on floors 2 and 3

Can be generated from the Lunasa equipment if playing as the Witch, and can also show up in the fourth slot if the Witch bonus round rule is active.

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