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Memory Leak

Memory Leak
Memory Leak base
Requirements (0 rolls) None
Requirements (n rolls) Max (6-n)
Requirements (5 Rolls) Require 1
Upgraded Requirements (n rolls) Max (7-n)
Weakened Requirements (n rolls) Max (3-n)
Size 1
Effect Do 2x[] damage (Slots shrink on each roll)
Upgraded Effect Do 2x([]+1) damage (Slots shrink on each roll)
Gadget Broken Gadget


Memory Leak is a piece of equipment for the Robot that does double damage, but its requirements shrink after each roll.

If upgraded, the first roll shrinks to remove the extra 1, so it acts as a Memory Leak with an extra dice.

It's only possible to use the initial slots of Memory Leak if using equipment which gives spare dice, like Spare 6, or with the effects of Illuminate to store dice.

After 5 rolls, Memory Leak looks like this:

Memory Leak after 5 rolls

Drop Information

Parallel Universe (Robot), Bonus Round (Robot):

  • Has a chance to appear in chests on floor 2

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