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Manic Laugh

Manic Laugh
Manic Laugh
Requirements Max 4
Upgraded Requirements Max 5
Weakened Requirements Max 3
Size 1
Effect Do [] damage, quadruple if you are cursed
Gadget Cackle


Manic Laugh is a piece of equipment in Dicey Dungeons that does increased damage if the user themself is Cursed.

Unfortunately, this equipment can still trigger Curse, so the equipment is likely to fail (or hit the user instead during Parallel Universe episodes).

Drop Information

Parallel Universe (Jester), Bonus Round (Jester):

  • If the Flying Skull boosterpack is chosen, 2 copies have a 50% chance to show up in a booster pack with Infestation on floor 4.

Halloween Special

Halloween Special (Inventor):

  • Has a chance to appear in chests on floor 1 and 2
  • Has a chance to appear in shops on floors 2 and 3


Inventor: Reunion:

  • Has a chance to appear from small scrapped equipment

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