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Last Laugh?

Last Laugh?
Requirements Countdown 24
Upgraded Requirements Countdown 18
Size 1
Effect Enemy will survive for the next three turns…
Weakened Effect No effect
Gadget Still Standing


Last Laugh? inflicts 3 counts of Survive? on the enemy during parallel universe episodes, making sure that the enemy will survive for three turns.

However, once the three turns are up, the enemy takes damage equal to the amount of health they have, effectively killing them instantly.

Since the Survive counter goes down at the start of the enemy's turn, the enemy technically only has two turns of moves they can make before falling to the Survive status effect.

This equipment can only be used once per battle, even though it's not mentioned in the effect description.

Drop Information

Last Laugh becomes Last Laugh? when the Warlock bonus round rule is activated.

Parallel Universe (Inventor):

  • Has a 12.5% (1/8) chance to appear in a chest on floor 5

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