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Requirements None
Effect Do 3 damage, return the dice
Upgraded Effect Do 4 damage, return the dice
Weakened Effect Do 1 damage
Gadget Magic Dice


Keyblade is a piece of equipment in Dicey Dungeons which does guaranteed damage regardless of dice placed inside.

Drop Information

Bonus Round (Robot):

  • If The Robot bonus round rule is active:
    • Has a 1/2 chance to appear in chests on floor 2

Enter the Inventor, Double Rubble, The Inevitability of Rust, Elimination Round (Inventor), Bonus Round (Inventor):

  • Has a chance to show up in chests and shops on floors 2 and 3.

Can be generated from the Lunasa equipment if playing as the Witch, and can show up in the fourth slot if The Witch bonus round rule is active during the Bonus Round (Witch) episode.

The Keymaster can have up to 6 of these blades after unlocking their equipment: Lock 1, Lock 2, Lock 3, Lock 4, Lock 5, or Lock 6.

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