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Requirements None
Size 2
Effect Do 3x[], (special fighters) take only 1 damage
Upgraded Effect Do 4x[], (special fighters) take only 1 damage
Weakened Effect Do [], (special fighters) take only 1 damage
Gadget Time Stop

Judgement is a piece of equipment in Dicey Dungeons. It does an increased amount of damage, but the damage is reduced if used against specific characters.

This equipment is not affected by Curse.

The criteria for (special fighters) is random and listed here.

  • animals1)
  • bosses
  • dice people (Unused)
  • things with eyewear
  • things that can float
  • targets with full health (Rare)
  • targets with 6 health or less (Rare)
  • green things
  • hat wearers
  • level 1 monsters
  • creatures with more than four limbs (Unused)
  • machines
  • magic users
  • firey things
  • plants
  • poison things
  • shield holders
  • spear holders
  • sword holders
  • winged creatures

Drop Information

Does not generate naturally.

This equipment is only used by the boss in the first three turns of the final fight of the Backstage episode. Turn 1 has 1 copy of Judgement, turn 2 has 2 copies, and turn 3 has 3 copies, all with different criteria for the 1 damage effect.

Does not include humans, like Pirate

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