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SPOILER ALERT: This page contains spoilers for Dicey Dungeons' finale. Discretion is advised.

Requirements None
Size 2
Effect Do 3x[], (special fighters) take only 1 damage
Upgraded Effect Do 4x[], (special fighters) take only 1 damage
Weakened Effect Do [], (special fighters) take only 1 damage
Gadget Time Stop


Judgement is a piece of equipment in Dicey Dungeons. It does an increased amount of damage, but the damage is reduced if used against specific characters.

This equipment is not affected by Curse.

The criteria for (special fighters) is random and listed here:

  • animals (Does not include humans, like Pirate)
  • bosses
  • things that can float
  • green things
  • hat wearers
  • level 1 monsters
  • machines
  • magic users
  • firey things
  • plants
  • poison things
  • shield holders
  • spear holders
  • sword holders
  • winged creatures

These Judgements only appear under rare circumstances described below in How Judgements are Generated:

  • targets with full health
  • targets with 6 health or less

These Judgements are available in the game, but are currently unused:

  • creatures with more than four limbs
  • dice people
  • things with eyewear

How Judgements are Generated

When you enter the final floor of Backstage, your party is checked to see if there's anyone in it who matches three of the Judgement criteria listed (other than the health checks and the unused checks).

If you have at least one character in your team in each of these columns, the game will generate Judgements that match a random character from each column, making it so you need to switch to the character that matches one Judgement on turn 1, then turn 2, then turn 3. The game prioritizes Judgement categories that don't repeat.

However, if you don't have a character in each of the columns but you do have one that matches 3 or more Judgements, the game will make judgements that get progressively more specific to the team member that matches three categories as listed in the table above.

If you don't have a character in your team that matches 3 or more Judgements, two judgements are picked from a character that matches 2 judgement cards, Lady Luck's first phase setup changes to this new setup:

  • Turn 1: Judgement (first check)
  • Turn 2: Divine Axe + Judgement (second check)
  • Turn 3: Judgement (first check) + Divine Axe + Judgement (second check)

If you don't even have anyone on your team that matches 2 or more Judgement cards, Lady Luck's first phase setup changes to this setup:

Drop Information

Does not generate naturally.

This equipment is only used by the boss in the first three turns of the final fight of the Backstage episode. Turn 1 has 1 copy of Judgement, turn 2 has 2 copies, and turn 3 has 3 copies, all with different criteria for the 1 damage effect.

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