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Requirements Doubles
Upgraded Requirements Even
Size 1
Effect Inflict 1 burn, return both dice
Upgraded Effect Inflict 1 burn, return the dice
Weakened Effect Inflict 1 burn
Gadget Hellfire

Ignite is a piece of equipment in Dicey Dungeons that inflicts a Burn and returns the dice after inflicting it.


  • If this attack is Dodged, the two dice returned will have a value which is double the initial value. If two 4s, 5s, or 6s are used, the dice returned will have values of 8/10/12 respectively while appearing as having values of 1, which can be used to have weapons like Sword deal 12 damage.

Drop Information

Parallel Universe (Warrior)

  • Has a chance to appear in the shops on floors 2 and 3.

Replaces and is replaced by Cold Wind when the Marshmallow bonus round rule is active.

Can be generated from the Lunasa equipment if playing as the Witch, and can also show up in the fourth slot if the Witch bonus round rule is active.

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