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Gold Dagger

Gold Dagger
Requirements Max 4
Upgraded Requirements None
Weakened Requirements Max 3
Size 1
Effect Do [] damage, if even, get a new dice
Gadget Harvest

Gold Dagger is a piece of equipment in Dicey Dungeons that does damage and rerolls the dice when even values are used.

The name of the weapon and its similar effect to the Silver Dagger indicate that the equipment may be a reference to the Gold Tracer, a dagger in Dark Souls which is paired with the Dark Silver Tracer. However, you can't get both weapons in the same run since the game only adds one of the daggers into the shop item pool.

Drop Information

Parallel Universe (Inventor):

  • Has a chance to appear in shops on floors 2, 3, and 4

Bonus Round (Inventor):

  • Has a chance to appear in shops on floors 2 and 3

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