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Gemstone Staff

Requirements Countdown 8
Size 2
Upgraded Size 1
Effect Deal 6 damage, freeze 1 dice
Weakened Effect Deal 3 damage, freeze 1 dice
Gadget Flash Freeze

Gemstone Staff is a piece of equipment in Dicey Dungeons.

Drop Information

Warrior Episode 6: Shows in floors 1 and 4 in chests and trading posts.

Thief Episodes 6: Shows up in chests and shops on floors 3 through 5.

Thief Episode 2: Shows up in chests on floor 5.

Inventor Episode 6: Shows up in chests on floor 1.

Jester Episode 2: Shows up in shops on Floor 2 and 3, or a chest on Floor 4.

Replaces and is replaced with Staff when Marshmallow (Bonus Round Rule) is active.

During the Parallel Universe episodes and when the Yeti or Warlock bonus round rules are active, this equipment is replaced with Gemstone Staff?

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