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Flame Blast

Flame Blast
Requirements Countdown 4
Size 2
Effect Do 6 fire damage for each burning dice
Upgraded Effect Do 7 fire damage for each burning dice
Weakened Effect Do 4 fire damage for each burning dice
Gadget Hellfire


Flame Blast is a piece of equipment in Dicey Dungeons that does damage based on the total amount of Burn inflicted on the enemy.

While the effect description indicates it's based on the number of burning enemy dice, Flame Blast will actually do damage based on the amount of Burn, even if that value is more than the number of dice the enemy has.

Drop Information

Jester's Journey, Elimination Round (Jester), Bonus Round (Jester):

  • Appears with 2 copies of Spark as part of a possible Level 2 reward.

Replaces and is replaced with Snow Blast when Marshmallow (Bonus Round Rule) is active.

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