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Requirements Countdown 10
Size 2
Effect Inflict 3 weaken, then do 6 damage
Upgraded Effect Inflict 3 weaken, then do 9 damage
Weakened Effect Inflict 2 weaken, then do 6 damage
Gadget Scream

Earthquake? is a piece of equipment in Dicey Dungeons which is the parallel universe version of Earthquake. Although it does 6 base damage, the 3 counts of Weaken? effect applied beforehand make it do a minimum of 9 damage.

Drop Information

If used in a Parallel Universe or Bonus Round episode with alternate status rules in effect, Earthquake? will replace Earthquake.

Earthquake?+ has a chance to spawn out of a Precious Egg+ during Parallel Universe episodes.

Has a chance to be rented from the Black Market card Call for Backup Thief?.

Audrey has an Earthquake? equipped in the Parallel Universe fights.

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