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Requirements Min 4
Upgraded Requirements None
Weakened Requirements Require 6
Size 1
Effect Duplicate a dice
Gadget Clone Device

Duplicate is a piece of equipment in Dicey Dungeons that creates a copy of the dice placed within, then returns the dice and the copy.

It's a simple card that allows the user to use more equipment with their dice.

Drop Information

Bonus Round (Robot):

  • If the Robot bonus round rule is active:
    • Has a chance to show up in chests on floor 4
    • Has a chance to show up in shops on floor 2, 3, and 5

The Inevitability of Rust:

  • Starting equipment

The Witch Way, Countdown, Elimination Round (Witch):

  • Level 4 reward option

Expect the Unexpected:

  • Level 4 reward option
  • Has a chance to appear as the unexpected spell

Bonus Round (Witch):

  • Has a 1/2 chance to be a Level 4 reward option

Can be generated from the Lunasa equipment if playing as the Witch, and can also show up in the fourth slot if the Witch bonus round rule is active.

Jester's Journey, Elimination Round (Jester):

  • Level 3 reward
  • Level 6 reward

Losers, Weepers:

  • Level 3 reward

Bonus Round (Jester):

  • Has a 1/2 chance to be the Level 3 reward
  • Has a 1/2 chance to be the Level 6 reward

Inventor: Reunion:

  • Starting equipment
  • Has a chance to spawn from small scrapped equipment

Warrior: Reunion:

  • If you use the Limit Break Call for Backup:
    • If you have 1 or 2 dice, this equipment has a 1/2 chance to be added to the deck.
    • If you have zero dice, this equipment will always appear in the deck.

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