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Dice Cannon

Dice Cannon
Requirements None
Weakened Requirements Max 3
Size 2
Effect Do 1 damage (Reuseable)
Upgraded Effect Do 2 damage (Reuseable)
Gadget Catapult
Other Finale Card (always on the bottom of your deck)

Dice Cannon is a Finale card in Dicey Dungeons which is always placed at the bottom of the deck. It uses any dice left over to do damage to the enemy as the Jester's only infinite-use reuseable card during the episodes it appears in.

Drop Information

Jester's Journey, Elimination Round (Jester):

  • Has a 1/4 chance to appear in a chest in floor 2

Bonus Round (Jester):

  • Has a 3/7 chance to be offered as starting equipment.

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