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Requirements None
Weakened Requirements Max 3
Size 1
Effect Reduce the countdowns on all equipment by []
Upgraded Effect Reduce countdowns by [] (2 uses per turn)
Gadget Accelerate


Crowbar is a piece of equipment in Dicey Dungeons that works with equipment containing countdowns. It reduces all other countdowns by the value of the dice placed inside, including skill cards such as Finders Keepers and stolen cards.

If multiple pieces of equipment activate at the same time, they will activate in order from left to right, then top to bottom.

Drop Information

Thief in the Night, Finders, Keepers, Elimination Round (Thief):

  • Level 3 reward option


  • Has a chance to appear in chests on floor 3
  • Has a chance to appear in shops on floors 3, 4, and 5

Bonus Round (Thief):

  • Possible level 3 reward option

Can be generated from the Lunasa equipment if playing as the Witch, and can also show up in the fourth slot if the Witch bonus round rule is active.

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