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Call for Backup Thief?

Call for Backup Thief?
Call for Backup Thief?
Requirements At least 1 coin (button-activated)
Effect Black Market (Rent a powerful item; costs 1 coin)
Weakened Effect Snake Eyes (Roll 2 ones)


Call for Backup Thief? (shown as Thief? in-game) is a piece of equipment that when clicked allows the user to rent an item for a turn.

The item is only usable for one turn. After the turn is finished, the item is replaced with Call for Backup Thief? again.

If you have no gold, the equipment will still be used but no item will be given.

When weakened, the card only lets the user roll 2 extra ones.

There are 9 possible pieces of equipment that can be gotten from the Black Market:

Drop Information

Parallel Universe (Jester):

  • Level 5 reward option

Bonus Round (Jester):

  • 50% chance to be a possible card choice when reaching Level 5.

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