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Call for Backup Robot

Requirements Button-activated
Effect Slot Machine (Get random equipment)
Weakened Effect Regenerate (Heal 3 health)

Call for Backup Robot (shown as Robot in-game) is a piece of equipment that, when clicked, is replaced with any random piece of equipment from the game. It cannot be upgraded.

The random equipment includes every piece of equipment, with the exception of robot-only, witch-only cards (like Harvest Scythe, Lunasa, Memorise, or Dice Detonator), Call for Backup cards, Parallel Universe equipment, and any equipment that only works once per battle like Crystal Sword.

After the turn ends, the Robot card is shuffled back into the deck.

When weakened, the card only heals 3 health to the user.

Drop Information

Jester's Journey, Elimination Round (Jester):

  • Level 5 reward option.

Bonus Round (Jester):

  • 1/2 chance to be a Level 5 reward option.

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