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Battering Ram

Battering Ram
Episodes Parallel Universe (Warrior), Bonus Round (Warrior), Parallel Universe (Jester)
Requirements Doubles
Upgraded Requirements Even
Weakened Requirements Require two 6s
Size 1
Effect Deal damage equal to twice your shield, then lose all your shield
Weakened Effect Bash with shield, deal damage equal to your shield
Gadget Plasma Gun


The Battering Ram is a piece of equipment in Dicey Dungeons that sacrifices Shield for large amounts of damage.

When weakened, Shield is not removed. Its weakened form is identical to Shield Bash-.

Prior to version 2.1, using Fury with Battering Ram was not ideal, since the shield would be removed with the first Battering Ram and the second will deal no damage. However, on version 2.1 and later, the damage is done first, and then the shield is depleted after Fury is used up.

Drop Information

Parallel Universe (Warrior):

  • Always offered as the level 5 Level Up Reward

Bonus Round (Warrior):

  • 1/5 chance to be offered as the level 5 Level Up Reward

Parallel Universe (Jester):

  • Has a 2/5 chance to be the level 2 reward along with 2 copies of Front Line

Inventor: Reunion:

  • Has a chance to spawn from small scrapped equipment

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