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Worse than a Curse

Worse than a Curse is the first episode for the Warrior. When the game starts for the first time, you'll immediately start on this episode.

Title Worse than a Curse
Character Warrior
Episode Number 3
Description You seem pretty tough! Do you really need all that health? Nah, you'll be fine without it.
Rules Start with a Venus Fly Trap. Lose 2 max hp when you level up.

Basic Details

In this episode, the Warrior fights through the same enemies. However, in this episode, level ups decrease the Warrior's max health by 2, although they will still refill his health.

The equipment on level up has also changed to focus more on Shield-granting equipment, which block damage from sources other than Poison.

The Warrior's character skill is Combat Roll like the first episode, and his Limit Break is Fury, which doubles his next action (indicated by his Fury status).

Leveling Up

Level Max HP Dice Limit Break Apple Recovery EXP to Level Up Additional Level Up Reward
1 24 2 8 health 4 2 Extra Dice
2 22 3 7 health 4 4 Spiked Shield OR Iron Shield
3 20 3 6 health 4 7 Extra Dice
4 18 4 6 health 3 14 Shield Bash OR Last Stand
5 16 4 5 health 3 18 Extra Dice
6 14 5 4 health 2 Max Level N/A

The low-health music Prepare to Dice is disabled, uniquely to this episode.

Available Items

Initial Equipment:

Level 3 Rewards:

Level 5 Rewards:

These items show up in chests on floors 1 and 4. You can also find one at the trading post on floor 4 for any one of your items:

On Floor 2, one item will always show up in the chest:

These items show up in shops on floor 2 and 3:

On Floor 3, these items show up in chests:

These items show up in chests on floor 5:

These items show up in shops on floor 5:


All enemies should appear in this episode except for Drain Monster.

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