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Curse of Greed

Curse of Greed is the second episode for the Warrior.

Title Curse of Greed
Character Warrior
Episode Number 2
Description You've got two battle axes and all your equipment is upgraded! Awesome! Also, you're extremely cursed!
Rules All equipment you find is upgraded. Inflicted with Curse at the start of every turn.

Basic Details

The twist in this episode is that all equipment the Warrior gets in this episode is upgraded and his starting equipment is two Battle Axe+s. The episode also inflicts the Warrior with 1 Curse at the start of each turn: while the Curse is active, all equipment he uses has a 50% chance to fail and be unusable for the rest of the turn.

Also, since this is the second episode, new enemies will appear on each floor that didn't show up in the first episode, like Rose, Alchemist, Copycat, etc.

Instead of upgrading equipment, all places where there were anvils on the map now have equipment copying shops where a copy of that equipment will be added to the backpack.

The Warrior's character skill is Combat Roll like the first episode, and his Limit Break is Fury, which doubles his next action (indicated by his Fury status).

Leveling Up

Level Max HP Dice Limit Break Apple Recovery EXP to Level Up Additional Level Up Reward
1 24 2 8 health 4 2 Extra Dice
2 28 3 9 health 5 4 Spiked Shield+ OR Boomerang+
3 32 3 10 health 6 7 Extra Dice
4 36 4 12 health 7 14 Shield Bash+, Pirate Hook+, OR Midnight Charm+
5 40 4 13 health 8 18 Extra Dice
6 44 5 14 health 8 Max Level N/A

Available Items

All equipment in this episode is upgraded.

Initial Equipment:

Level 3 Rewards:

Level 5 Rewards:

These items show up in chests on floors 1 and 4. You can also find one at the trading post on floor 4 for any one of your items:

On Floor 2, one item will always show up in the chest:

These items show up in shops on floor 2 and 3:

On Floor 3, these items show up in chests:

These items show up in chests on floor 5:

These items show up in shops on floor 5:


All enemies should appear in this episode except for Drain Monster.


  • Saving and quitting before reaching Level 3 changes the Boomerang+ offered as a level-up reward to a normal Boomerang.
  • The same bug occurs when saving and quitting before reaching Level 5 for the rewards Shield Bash+ and Pirate Hook+.


Episodes by Character
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Inventor 1 2 3 4 5 6
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6th Character 1 2 3 4 5 6

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