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You Choose, You Lose

You Choose, You Lose is the third episode for the Robot.

Title You Choose, You Lose
Character Robot
Episode Number 3
Description Woah, now you can magic up dice with any value you want! Sure, there's a chance things will go horribly wrong when you do. But let's focus on the positive: any dice you want!
Rules No CPU counter. Create any dice you like! 50% chance that equipment will randomly disappear each time.
Unlock Requirements Finish an episode with 2 other characters and unlock episodes.

Basic Details

In this episode, the Robot doesn't get a Jackpot or a CPU counter. Instead, the Robot requests dice from a table containing dice from 1 to 6. When a dice value is selected, it is rolled and cannot be selected again for the rest of the turn.

However, three of the six rolls will error out a random piece of unused equipment. Having a large amount of equipment can reduce the chance that your favorite will error out, but you'll need to always have plans when your equipment disappears when you're about to use it.

Since only three rolls can cause errors, you can be sure that rolling three dice without errors guarantees the next three rolls will error out your equipment.

The Robot's Limit Break is Two More Rolls, which rolls two random dice without causing any errors.

Leveling Up

Level Max HP Limit Break Apple Recovery EXP to Level Up Additional Level Up Reward
1 24 8 health 4 2 Spatula OR Doppeldice
2 28 9 health 5 4 Buster Sword OR Ruby Weapon
3 32 10 health 6 7 System Shock OR Flame War
4 36 12 health 7 14 Chocolate Cookie OR Mechanical Arm
5 40 13 health 8 18 Dexterity Charm OR Upgrade Equipment
6 44 14 health 8 Max Level N/A

Available Items

Initial Equipment:

Level 2 Rewards:

Level 3 Rewards:

Level 4 Rewards:

Level 5 Rewards:

Level 6 Rewards:

Floor 1

This floor contains one of these items in a chest:

Floor 2

There are two apples on this floor.

The shop sells these items:

Floor 3

There are two apples and one upgrade anvil on this floor.

The shop sells these items:

Floor 4

There are two apples on this floor.

The chest gives one of these items:

The trading post gives one of these items for any of your items (higher chance for Spatula and Plasma Blaster):

Floor 5

There are two apples and one upgrade anvil on this floor.

The shop sells these items:

Floor 6

If the boss is Drake, this equipment will appear:


All enemies are available in this episode except for Drain Monster, Loud Bird and Banshee.

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