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Bonus Round (Jester)

Bonus Round is the sixth and final episode for the Jester.

Title Bonus Round
Character Jester
Episode Number 6
Description Everything's back to normal again! Until you go down a floor - the further you go into the dungeons, the more the rules change…
Rules Start with standard rules. Gain bonus rules as you descend further.
Unlock Requirements Complete any four episodes with the Jester.

Basic Details

In the Bonus Round episodes, you get to choose your Finale card. Also, the item drops for the most part are combined so you can get most of the equipment available in both normal and Parallel Universe episodes.

Once you go down a floor, two new rules are chosen for you: one visible for you to choose and one other rule whose identity is hidden from you until you choose it. You choose one of the rules to implement for the rest of the episode. Some can be beneficial to you, but many of them benefit your enemies.

After you complete this episode, you get a third choice of Finale cards, but all enemy equipment will be upgraded with that choice. Completing this hard mode will complete a challenge and grant an extra enemy bio to read.

Leveling Up

Level Max HP Dice Limit Break Apple Recovery EXP to Level Up Additional Level Up Reward
1 24 3 8 health 4 2 Choose 1 3-card pack from 2 offered from a list of 8 packs
2 28 3 9 health 5 4 Subdivide OR Duplicate (Only one of these two is offered at random.)
3 32 3 10 health 6 7 Choose 1 from 2 offered from (Call for Backup Warrior?, Call for Backup Inventor (or PU version), Call for Backup Witch (or PU version))
4 36 3 12 health 7 14 Call for Backup Thief (or PU version), Call for Backup Robot (or PU version), OR Destroy a card
5 40 3 13 health 8 18 Subdivide OR Duplicate (Same as the reward gotten when reaching level 3)
6 44 3 14 health 8 Max Level N/A

Available Items

Initial Equipment:

Level 3 and 6 Reward (Only one of these two will be offered during the episode):

Level 4 Reward Options:

Level 5 Reward Options:

Level 2 reward packs

When reaching Level 2, you can choose one boosterpack from two out of these eight boosterpacks which determine the items offered for the rest of the episode.

Hijinx Pack Flying Skull Pack Woof Woof Woof Pack Ice Shatter Pack Flame Blast Pack Detonator Pack High Voltage Pack Shield Bash Pack
Hijinx Flying Skull Woof Woof Woof Ice Shatter Flame Blast Detonator High Voltage Shield Bash
2x Slapsies 2x Evil Laugh 2x Ruff Ruff Ruff 2x Snowflake 2x Spark 2x Liquorice 2x Buzzer 2x Deflect

Floor 1

Floor 1 has one chest that contains one of these 2 items:

Floor 2

Floor 2 has two healing apples and an upgrade anvil.

The one chest on this floor contains dice-manipulating equipment:

The shop allows you to destroy up to two cards for 2 gold each. It also offers one item depending on the reward you chose when you reached level 2, which costs 3 gold:

Hijinx Pack Flying Skull Pack Woof Woof Woof Pack Ice Shatter Pack Flame Blast Pack Detonator Pack High Voltage Pack Shield Bash Pack
Concentration Evil Laugh Yip Yip Yip Lament Whip Claw Hammer Iron Shield

Floor 3

Floor 3 has one level 2 enemy and two level 3 enemies as well as 2 apples.

One of these items shows up in a chest on floor 3 and one of the items is in the shop on this floor:

One of these items show up in the shop on floor 3 along with one item above and a card deletion option:

Floor 4

Floor 4 contains one apple, as well as an upgrade anvil and a copy shop.

There is one boosterpack on this floor which contains three cards which depend on the reward you chose when you reached level 2:

Hijinx Pack Flying Skull Pack Woof Woof Woof Pack Ice Shatter Pack Flame Blast Pack Detonator Pack High Voltage Pack Shield Bash Pack
Hijinx, Mercy, Concentration Infestation, Manic Laugh x2 Arf Arf Arf, Ruff Ruff Ruff x2 Snowflake x2, Buzzer Spark x3 Liquorice x3 Buzzer x2, Hammer Deflect x3
Lojinx, Slapsies x2 Evil Laugh x3 Boop x2, Snowflake Buzzer x2, Whip Liquorice, Claw, Sweets Spark, High Voltage Deflect, Sweets x2
Boop x2, Lament Snowflake x2, Spark Liquorice, Sweets x2 Deflect, Sweets, Shield Bash

The shop in floor 4 contains:

Floor 5

Floor 5 has three apples. There is a 50% chance to have an upgrade anvil; otherwise, there is a copy shop on this floor.

Otherwise, no items show up on this floor.


Most enemies are available during this episode with the exception of the level 3 enemy Yeti, level 4 enemies Aurora, Loud Bird and Snowman, level 5 enemies Banshee and Bounty Hunter, as well as the bosses Drake and Scathach.


Episodes by Character
Warrior 1 2 3 4 5 6
Thief 1 2 3 4 5 6
Robot 1 2 3 4 5 6
Inventor 1 2 3 4 5 6
Witch 1 2 3 4 5 6
Jester 1 2 3 4 5 6

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