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Normal Super (Unused) Reunion
Level 4 5 4
Health 42 50 42
Dice 4 5 3
Equipment Fool's Fire, Burning Light, Burning Light Fool's Fire, Burning Light, Burning Light Pixie Flame, Jack O'Lantern
Innate Strong against fire


The Wisp is a living flame (like the Hothead and the Fireman), however they are much more playful than their counterparts.

Wisp is considered a rare enemy, meaning that they will not show up on any character's first episode.


The Wisp will use their Burning Light equipment first, then place the rest of their dice in Fool's Fire.

Since the Wisp has a larger amount of dice, they are more likely to be able to activate Burning Light and deal more damage with their dice. It's best to freeze the dice to prevent the Wisp from using their attacks. Vanish is usually less of an issue during the fight because the larger dice values will be placed in Burning Light.

Fire equipment is usually not recommended against Wisp because their resistance to fire will make attacks that do fire damage deal half as much damage as normal.


Wisp's bio is obtained by completing any three Parallel Universe episodes.

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