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Wicker Man

Normal Super (Unused) Reunion
Level 4 5 4
Health 44 52 44
Dice 3 5 3
Equipment Wicker Staff, Venus Fly Trap Burning Light, First Aid Kit, Venus Fly Trap Wildfire x6
Innate Weak to fire


The Wicker Man is a person who is made out of wicker.

Prior to version 1.5, the Wicker Man would have Staff and 2 copies of Venus Fly Trap.


The Wicker Man will first use Venus Fly Trap with their highest dice, then charge their Wicker Staff.

It's recommended to use fire-based attacks on Wicker Man since fire deals double damage. In general, most status effects should do well against the Wicker Man since they don't have much equipment, but remember that they can still do a large amount of damage with both weapons if not handled properly.


The Wicker Man's bio is obtained by having a maximum health of 64 or higher, through equipment like Dramatic Exit.

Greatest Fear:

Childhood Pet:

Reason for Entering the Dungeons:

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