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Normal Super Reunion
Level 2 3 2
Health 28 34 28
Dice 2 2 3
Equipment Sonic Wave, Sonic Wave Echo Blast, Echo Blast Disco Ball (Reunion), Feedback Loop
Innate Weak to shock


Stereohead is a living boombox, who wears a purple suit and a black tie. His name is a pun on English art-rock band Radiohead.


Stereohead's bio is obtained when you use the same gadget three times in one turn. This can be done in The Inevitability of Rust by having three items that scrap to the same gadget in one turn, scrapping one to turn it into a gadget, and then scrapping the other two in one turn while using the gadget.

It can also be used in the Parallel Universe and Bonus Round rules by having two Screwdrivers to reactivate a gadget, or by using Fury with a Screwdriver to do an infinite combo.

Greatest Fear:

Secret Shame:

Reason for Entering the Dungeons:

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