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Normal Super (Unused) Reunion
Level 3 4 3
Health 34 42 34
Dice 2 3 3
Equipment Cauldron, (Random Spell) x2, Infliction Cauldron, (Random Spell) x2, Infliction Deck of Wonder x4


The Sorceress is a human witch that has purple hair, uses social media, and rides on a broomstick. Her equipment style is similar to the spell slots used by the Witch in her episodes.

Spell Pool

Every combat, Sorceress' design is randomised. She gains a random spell from this list twice.



The Sorceress has random equipment, so the status she'll inflict is random each time. She'll use Cauldron to reroll her dice if she doesn't have one that'll fit, and then use her stronger equipment.

Shock can help prevent equipment from being used, since she only has two dice and would prefer not to have to use one to unshock her equipment.

Upgraded Equipment

The Sorceress's upgraded form allows her to reroll dice twice so she is much more likely to roll higher dice for her equipment. Additionally, her status-inflicting equipment have much less strict dice requirements so their effects will occur more often.

Given her dice, she can do a maximum of 14 damage if she's lucky enough, so it's best to use your own statuses in order to prevent her from hurting you too much.


The Sorceress's bio is obtained when you do 12 or more damage in one turn by throwing dice.

Childhood Pet:



Favourite Book:

Reason for Entering the Dungeons:

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