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Normal Super (Unused) Reunion
Level 4 5 4
Health 44 52 44
Dice 4 4 4
Equipment Snowball x4 Blizzard, Blizzard Snow Cannonball (1), Snow Cannonball (3), Snow Cannonball (5)
Innate Weak to fire


The Snowman is a buff snowman. He and the Fireman are star-crossed lovers.


The Snowman only benefits from odd dice, but if he rolls only odd dice, he can deal heavy damage and freeze much of your. Since he's likely to turn a lot of your dice into 1s, it's a good idea to have equipment that can handle low dice, and equipment that can increase the values of dice.

Burn is useful, but it won't do much if the burnt dice are all even. Additionally, since he has a lot of dice and a lot of equipment, Shock and Weaken won't be too strong either. Lock and Reduce will help, as well as Dodge.

In Parallel Universe episodes, it's also a good idea to use Counter? with an even dice against him since he can't use even dice at all.


The Snowman's bio is obtained by inflicting 5 or more Freeze in a single turn.




Reason for Entering the Dungeons:

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