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Normal Super Reunion
Level 1 2 1
Health 14 26 14
Dice 2 3 2
Equipment Slime Ball, Slime Ball Slime Ball, Slime Ball, Toxic Ooze Dependent on fighter
Innate Strong against poison


The Slime is a green slime (like the Drain Monster) contained in an ice cream cone.

Reunion Equipment

During the Reunion DLC, the Slime's equipment changes to slightly mimic the contestant that's facing it but with Poison attributes added to each weapon. The table is in the order of the episodes in this DLC.

When facing… Thief Jester Warrior Witch (unused) Robot Inventor
Slime's equipment: Poison Needle, Slimepick Slop x2, Sloop Toxic Ooze, Slimey Roll Slimey Cauldron, Slimfliction Slime Blaster, Slime Shooter Toxic Ooze, Slimey Spanner, Slime Shooter


The Slime will only use dice if they are even, so it is rather weak to freezing.

The Slime is usually unable to poison enemies if it can't roll even numbers, so freezing dice works well against it.

Since it has 14 health, it usually takes three turns to defeat it using starting equipment, so it's usually better to face the Slime after facing the other enemy on Floor 1.

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